Equine nutrition consultancy is the heart of our brand and our core service. The

products we bring to you under the Equine Nutriplan brand are the outcome

of 20 years of professional experience and research in the field of veterinary

medicine, nutrition, breeding and reproduction of horses. In 2018 and 2019 we

served as the official nutrition advisor to the Polish Horse Breeders Association

and played an active role in the process of revision and promoting appropriate

feeding standards for horses used in breeding and sports.

In general our products are dedicated to breeders. They are our answer to the

specific needs and nutritional requirements of horses at various growth stages:

preparation for breeding, individual pregnancy trimesters and lactation period,

growing horses from foal, through suckling, weanling and yearling, young horses,

breeding stallions, working performance horses and senior horses.

In addition to our basic line of products, we formulated our own feed,

specialized supplements and enhancers. With access to a wide variety of raw

materials and a flexible production infrastructure, we are able to bring to market

customized products, including limited series, in order to address the full span

of our customers’ concerns, whether they relate to common disorders or rare

conditions of the digestive, skeletal, respiratory, immune or other systems.


Please feel free to get in touch with us via email or

by phone.

We welcome your feedback, follow up questions and requests regarding

our nutrition consultancy services and our range of products.