Clinic Formula Line

When a horse undergoes clinical treatment, there are specific requirements that must be met both prior to medical intervention and in its immediate aftermath. A speedy and full recovery is always the desired effect, but it is particularly important in case of the equine athlete.
The Clinic Formula line is a line of supplements dedicated to horses in treatment and convalescence, intended primarily for veterinary distribution through specialized clinics and stores.
Carefully chosen and selected ingredients of the Clinic Formula products have a dual function: to quickly provide the organism with the necessary nutrients supplementing potential food deficits and to support pharmacological treatment. Here supplementation is directed at triggering specific body reactions, including alleviating inflammation, boosting the immune system and regenerating the body. Helping eliminate factors responsible for the occurrence of specific disorders in a relatively short time, improves the chances of recovery and reduces its duration. Temporary supplementation with products from the Clinic Formula line shortens the convalescence period and accelerates recovery while increasing the effectiveness of a potential drug therapy.