Enhancer Formula Line

Prevention is the basis of good physical condition and long-term health. It is both highly effective and inexpensive. Shaping proper eating habits can best be achieved through regularity and repetition.
The Enhancer Formula line is a line of vitamin and prebiotic supplements recommended for daily supplementation of the basic diet that cover the organism’s demand for exogenous amino acids, vitamins and minerals, especially selenium and fat-soluble vitamins. It is a direct response to the increasingly fast erosion of nutraceutical value of forages and concentrates on which horses are maintained.
The formulations include additions dedicated to horses with specific needs, related to metabolic changes, periods of molting and decreased immunity, digestive or hoof problems, deficiencies of macro and micro elements as well as breed or work specific issues.
Enhancer Formula products are a unique composition of three ingredients: Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, rice bran and alfalfa with an increased concentration of vitamins, minerals and health-promoting phytobiotics. Combining the prebiotic and probiotic effects of Yarrowia yeast with functional additives, they are an excellent and economical supplement to the daily feed ration.
Regular use of products from the Enhancer Formula line ensures a healthy diet, providing all necessary nutrients and preventing health issues that result from mineral and vitamin deficiencies in feed, intensive work or genetic conditions.