Fit Formula Line

With the skilful use of scientific discoveries, we can now control metabolic processes, trigger specific reactions in the organism or reduce the effects of adverse factors, both directly (through pharmacological treatment) and indirectly through strengthening the immunity to a specific negative factor.
The Fit Formula line is a line of supplements aimed at satisfying the narrowly defined needs of the organism that can be satisfied via nutrition supplementation. It supports the struggle with various problems, including health conditions, allergies, long-term ailments and problems related to mineral and vitamin deficiencies. In some cases, it responds to the specific need of the moment. Carefully chosen and selected ingredients of the Fit Formula products guarantee a rational supplementation of the necessary nutrients and trace elements, increasing the organism’s ability to combat disease. Proper and consistent supplementation will help the horse stay in good condition, remain fit and achieve superior performance, while supporting his organism’s readiness to cope with a variety of strains. By enriching his diet with specific and strictly defined ingredients, with scientifically proven properties and functionalities, we can support both preventive and pharmacological therapy and eliminate nutrient deficiencies.