Master Formula Line

Proper feed is the basis on which a horse’s condition and nutrition stands. It provides his energy, is responsible for his well-being and appearance, willingness to work and the proper functioning of his life processes. Properly prepared feed contains basic nutrients, micro and macro elements, vitamins and various additives, supporting or stimulating metabolism, and through them – life processes. Correctly selected in terms of the amount and type of energy released, protein and fiber content, it can have a beneficial impact on the horse’s overall health and work performance.
Our Master Formula feed line was created in answer to the needs of recreation and sport horses. Our feeds are enriched with the addition of Yarrowia lipolytica, an innovative strain of yeast that increases digestibility, facilitates absorption of nutrients and contributes to the overall condition of the horse as well as numerous valuable ingredients, including unique and rare herbs.
For the full picture of the offered feeds please do consider Balance Pro Formula from the PRO FORMULA line – an everyday high-quality balancer for both breeding horses and sports horses, enriching the daily dosage with valuable nutrients, active substances, minerals and vitamins.