Pro Formula Line

The close cooperation between breeder, nutritionist and veterinarian is an important part of achieving breeding success. For many years we tested and perfected various preparations and supplements to support reproductive processes: effective foaling, complication-free pregnancy, proper fetal development and foal growth. The ongoing search for the right proportions of various supplementation ingredients yielded important achievements in the field of reproduction. Hundreds of breeders benefited from these attainments, watching their horses develop properly, claiming breeding and sport triumphs. Our PRO FORMULA was born out of this practice.
The Pro Formula line is a line of supplements for breeding horses dedicated entirely to the care for the broodmare, foal and young horses and to the support of the health and condition of the stallion. We believe that proper care for the needs of animals during pregnancy and lactation as well as in the prenatal period and in the first months of life has a beneficial effect for the long-term welfare of the entire herd – for broodmares and their offspring. We strive to ensure that the investment in the semen of the best reproducers is used effectively and economically. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies during pregnancy and foal growth are an indisputable fact. They are highest during the last trimester of pregnancy and lactation and for the period of dynamic development of young horses. Supplementation during these periods is a nutritional requirement. We highly recommend this course of action as the best way to ensure the success of the entire breeding effort.